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Shenyang Skyeye IT Co., Ltd


      Founded in 2007, Shenyang Skyeye IT is a high-tech enterprise with intelligent perception, intelligent vision and digital simulation as its core technologies. Relying on the national public service demonstration platform, Shenyang Skyeye IT provides multidimensional visualization solutions for the transportation and delivery security of major and military equipment.
      The company has academician station, security and intelligent technology research institute and research Institute Co., LTD. 187 patents, including 106 invention patents. The company has more than 120 employees, more than 90% of whom have bachelor degree or above, 9 of whom have master degree or doctoral degree, and more than 60% of whom are scientific research personnel.

      Company mission: use intelligent technology to realize the foresight of events and disasters, and the prediction of equipment life.







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