Introduction to the Research Institute


Introduction to the Research Institute


Purpose of the Institute

The establishment of Intelligent Technology Research Institute aims to lead scientific and technological innovation, improve the overall competitiveness of the region with science and technology industry, promote local economic development and revitalize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Northeast China, build a sustainable and strategic industry education integration platform, play a leading, exemplary, leading and backbone role in promoting the development of related industries and exploring the mode of industry university research cooperation New elements, organize and carry out scientific and technological innovation, support the sustainable development of enterprises, lead the technological progress of the industry, and ultimately help enterprises realize economic transformation and transformation of development mode.


Program of the Institute

Taking the Trinity cooperation mode of research institutes, entity enterprises and colleges and universities, in line with the principle of win-win cooperation, in order to integrate the advantageous resources of colleges and universities, transform the scientific research achievements of colleges and universities into productive forces with economic benefits, and cultivate more high-end talents in social practice, it is committed to tackling key technical problems and industrialization of enterprises, so as to make scientific research institutions and colleges and universities carry out scientific research The achievements should be industrialized as soon as possible, better serve the society, meet the needs of more users, and give full play to the platform role of the Research Institute.


Vision of the Institute

It has become a well-known professional research think tank and technology transfer base in the research fields of new generation information technology application and intelligent science and technology application.


Laboratory business

The Laboratory of Mechanics and Inertia establishes measurement standards for linear accelerometer calibration devices. After passing measurement standards assessment and CNAS certification, it can carry out third-party impartial calibration on the market. At present, there are only two calibration institutions in the domestic market with this qualification. Can operate third-party measurement calibration business and issue professional calibration report.


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