The first stop, heading for Wuhan

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(Summary description)Wuhan, I'm here! In the drizzle, the staff loaded the love materials

The first stop, heading for Wuhan

(Summary description)Wuhan, I'm here! In the drizzle, the staff loaded the love materials

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  • Time of issue:2020-11-24
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Wuhan, I'm here!

On March 10, in the drizzle, the staff loaded the love materials


I have thought about the scene of meeting countless times

I have witnessed countless moving pictures through the screen

When this moment comes

Or was it deeply touched

March 12th

Two vehicles carrying love goods from Shenyang

Full of hundreds of thousands of materials and love of Liaoning people

It took nearly 50 hours to arrive in Wuhan

Shenyang Skyeye IT Co., Ltd

Donated infrared thermography automatic temperature detector

It was safely delivered to the hospital of Wuhan University

And received a letter of thanks from Wuhan University


Material delivery

And our hearts are more than that

We also prepared a special gift

To Wuhan brothers

Shenyang Radio and television media culture museum

First day cover on opening day

We wrote our deepest wishes in it



Interview with Yang Juan, director of R & D Center

"Do what I can to help you"


      Shenyang traffic radio interviewed director Liu of Wuhan University. In response to the donation, director Liu said: "the infrared thermometer has played a great help to Wuhan University, because the whole campus of Wuhan University is very large. If more than 70000 college students return to the campus in the future, they will be in the library, teaching building, laboratory, canteen and other public places. The infrared temperature measurement system provided by Shenyang Skyeye IT Co., Ltd. can be used for fast tracking of multiple people and points. This is a non-contact way to quickly screen for abnormal body temperature. Under the condition of ensuring safety, the work efficiency of staff is greatly improved, and the time of centralized queuing of people is reduced. For students to protect their health, can play a very good role In addition, director Liu said that the infrared thermometer provided by the company is ready to be placed in public places such as library, teaching building, laboratory and canteen, which will be installed separately. Finally, director Liu sent a warm message to Skyeye IT company, thanking the enterprises in Shenyang for the love materials.


From the closure of Wuhan on January 23 to now

More than a month has passed

In these days

What we talk about most with Wuhan is "don't be afraid"

In fact, I have to say "thank you."

Thank you for their sacrifice

Thank you for their charge

So that the epidemic situation can be better controlled

Salute all the front-line workers in Wuhan

Salute all the people of Wuhan

Come on, Wuhan!

Go China!

Next stop, Xiangyang! Wait for me!

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