The articles of association of the union

The articles of association of the union

(Summary description)

The articles of association of the union

(Summary description)


Liaoning Skyeye IT intelligent sensor application Technology Industry-University-Research Alliance articles

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 The name of the alliance is "Liaoning Skyeye IT Intelligent Sensing Technology Industry-University-Research Alliance" (hereinafter referred to as "Industry-University-Research Alliance"). English name: Liaoning SEIC Industry-University-Research Alliance of Intelligent Sensor Application Technology.
Article 2 The industry-university-research Alliance is a joint, local, non-profit voluntary social organization formed by colleges and universities, research institutes, science and technology enterprises and related units in the field of sensor technology in China, and has been identified as the first substantive industry-university-research alliance in Liaoning Province.
Article 3 The purpose of the Industry-University-Research Alliance is to abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, respect social morality, and implement relevant national guidelines and policies. Based on intelligent sensing application technology as the core of production alliance, support rapid and high quality intelligent sensing technology product development and commercialization and industrialization of achievements transfer tasks, aims to increase intelligent sensing technology innovation and development in our province and research application level, based on the demand for the development of allied units, to enhance the intelligent sensor industry technology innovation ability as the goal, With the guarantee of legally binding contracts, an industry-university-research alliance of intelligent sensing technology is formed to jointly develop, complement each other's advantages, share interests and share risks, and help the economic development of intelligent sensing industry in this province.
Article 4 The guidance unit of the industry-University-Research Alliance is The Department of Science and Technology of Liaoning Province.
The alliance accepts the guidance and supervision of the competent units of the industry and all walks of life.

Article 5 Logo of the Alliance:
The unified logo of Liaoning Skyeye IT Intelligent sensing Application Technology Industry-University-Research Alliance is shown in the figure below:

With the authorization of the alliance owner, it can be used in the activities carried out by the industry-university-research Alliance, and can not be used without authorization.
Chapter II Objectives and tasks

Article 6 Objectives of the Alliance:
(1) Integrate resources, establish an industry-university-research technology innovation mechanism, build an intelligent sensor industry technology innovation platform, coordinate and make full use of high-quality scientific and technological resources, and establish a contractual cooperation mechanism based on the value chain of intelligent sensor application technology innovation; Mutual benefit, complementary advantages, establish technology transfer and feedback mechanism.
(2) Aiming at the frontier, making overall plans and coordinating the division of labor to make breakthroughs in generic industrial technologies. Jointly carry out strategic research and joint research and development of common and key technologies in the field of intelligent sensing technology, and solve the technology and industrialization problems encountered in the development of this industry.
(3) Share resources, organize domestic exchanges, and promote technology diffusion and transfer in the field of intelligent sensing. Actively organize, participate in and support the revision of relevant industry standards; Promote the updating, editing and publishing of basic data, materials and information in the field of intelligent sensing technology; Establishing alliance resource library to realize resource sharing and effective utilization; Strengthening technical training and promoting the diffusion and transfer of technological achievements; To carry out exchanges and cooperation, establish intelligent sensor application technology innovation base, speed up the development of relevant industries in Liaoning.
(4) Jointly declare and undertake major and key national and local technological innovation projects. Centering on the government's macroeconomic policies, the industry-University-Research Alliance operates under the guidance of national and local government departments, and becomes a substantive carrier for the government to support industrial technological innovation and implement the national science and technology plan.
Article 7 Tasks of the Alliance:
(1) Reflect the wishes and requirements of the industry and members to the government, convey the relevant policies, laws and regulations of the government to the industry and members and implement them.
(2) integration of relevant resources, integration of production-teaching-research combination industry exchange and cooperation platform, under the guidance of government and business departments, continuous track, analysis, industry and intelligent sensing technology development in the region, and regularly publish industry development Suggestions and directories, provides policy advice to the relevant government departments, recommend for industry development direction.
(3) Coordinate the superior resources of the industry's scientific and technological enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities in Liaoning to promote technological research and development, engineering platforms, instruments and equipment,Experimental environment and other resources sharing and effective use, build the link and carrier of the combination of industry, education and research, actively build the alliance into an enterprise organization integrating industry and education, promote the rapid and healthy development of the industry.
(4) Organize the industrial technology development plan of the alliance, study and formulate technical standards, establish liaoning intelligent sensing big data public service platform, jointly develop generic technology products, realize reasonable allocation of technical resources, and drive supply chain supporting industries; With the innovation strength, innovation capital investment, technology policy and market potential of the industry-university-research alliance to compete with the international large companies.

Chapter III Organizational Structure

Section 1 General Assembly of members

Article 8 The highest authority of the Alliance is the alliance's member Representative Assembly, which is composed of representatives jointly recommended by the member units participating in the alliance and implemented the one-person-one-vote voting system. Its functions and powers are as follows:
(1) Formulate and revise the constitution of the Alliance and supervise the implementation of the alliance agreement;
(2) To elect and remove directors;
(3) to examine the work report of the Council;
(4) To decide on work objectives and termination matters;
(5) To decide on other major matters.
Article 9 The general assembly shall be convened only when more than 2/3 of the members' representatives are present, and its resolution shall take effect only when more than half of the representatives present vote.

Article 10 The general assembly shall be held for four years. If the term of office needs to be changed ahead of schedule or postponed due to special circumstances, it shall be approved by a vote of the Board of Governors. The postponement shall not exceed 1 year.

Section 2 Board of Governors

Article 11 The Alliance shall establish a council. The Council is the highest decision-making body of the general Assembly, leading the daily work of the Alliance when the general Assembly is not in session, and responsible to the general Assembly.
Article 12 The functions and powers of the Board are as follows:
(1) To implement the resolutions of the general assembly;
(2) to elect and remove the Chairman and vice-chairman;
(3) Preparing for the holding of the general assembly of members and the general election;
(4) report on its work to the general assembly;
(5) deciding on the recruitment and expulsion of members;
(6) to decide on the appointment of the Secretary-General and the principal persons in charge of the Expert Working Committee;
(7) The main body that decides the responsibility of the Alliance;
(8) To supervise the implementation of the alliance's projects;
(9) Formulating the alliance management system;
(10) To decide on other major matters.
Article 13 The rules of procedure of the Board are:
The council uses meetings as its mode of decision-making. The council shall be convened only when more than 2/3 of the council members are present, and its resolution shall take effect only when more than half of the council members present vote. The Board shall meet at least once a year; Under special circumstances, the meeting may be convened by means of communication.

Article 14 The Alliance shall establish a working committee of experts, and the permanent organization shall be established in the secretariat. The expert working committee is composed of the directors of the sub-working committee who undertake the task of each specific project. Members of the expert working Committee are nominated by the Chairman and appointed by the Board of Directors.

Section 3 Responsible Persons

Article 15 The alliance shall have a managing director, a vice chairman and a secretary general. The staff must meet the following requirements:
1) to adhere to the Party's line, principles and policies and have good political quality;
(2) It has great influence in the business field of northeast revitalization innovation Design Industry Alliance;
(3) Love innovative design work, willing to make contributions to this cause;
(4) Be healthy and able to work normally;
(5) not having been subjected to criminal punishment of deprivation of political rights;
(6) having full capacity for civil conduct.
Article 16 The term of office of the chairman, vice-chairman and secretary-general of the Alliance is 4 years.
Article 17 Alliance supporting unit: Shenyang Skyeye IT Co., Ltd. as the subject of external responsibility, the authorized person can sign relevant important documents on behalf of Liaoning Skyeye IT Intelligent Sensing Application Technology Industry-University-Research Alliance according to the authorization agreement. Before signing the contract and agreement, it shall follow the management method of signing the contract and agreement of the Alliance and perform the procedure of internal responsibility sharing agreement.
Article 18 Functions and powers of the chairman of the alliance
(1) To convene and preside over the general assembly and the council;
(2) Checking the implementation of the resolutions of the general Assembly and the Council;

(3) to nominate candidates for the Expert Working Committee and refer them to the Council for decision;
(4) To nominate candidates for the Secretary-General and submit them to the Council for decision;
(5) Exercising the agreed authorization.
Article 19 Functions and powers of the vice-chairman of the Alliance
(1) Assist the chairman to complete the work of the relevant council;
(2) To manage and coordinate the work of the Expert Committee of the Alliance;
(3) Exercising the agreed authorization.
Article 20 Functions and powers of the alliance secretary-general
(I) Preside over the secretariat to carry out daily work, organize and implement the resolutions and projects of the alliance member representative Conference and the Council;
(2) Coordinate the work of alliance members;
(3) to nominate the principal persons in charge of each working organ and submit them to the Council for decision;
(4) deciding on the employment of full-time staff of the working institution;
(5) To be responsible for drafting the work report of the Council;
(6) Formulate various rules and regulations and management methods of the Alliance and submit them to the Council for approval before implementation;
(7) Responsible for the examination of new membership;
(8) To handle other daily affairs.

Chapter 4 Membership

Article 21 Enterprises, public institutions and social organizations engaged in the development of intelligent sensing technology and industry throughout the country and playing a characteristic role in the important links of production, education and research and support

According to the articles of the industry-University-Research Alliance, all units that actively participate in the activities of the alliance can apply for membership of the alliance. The members of the alliance are composed of societies, associations, enterprises, universities and research institutes, etc.
Article 22 Members of the Alliance shall abide by Chinese laws and regulations, have good social reputation and popularity, and be willing to actively promote and participate in the activities related to the alliance.
Article 23 Application materials for joining the Alliance:
(1) a written application;
(2) copies of the introduction materials of the unit and the business license of the legal person;
Article 24 Procedures for joining the Alliance:
(I) The secretariat accepts applications and relevant materials for joining the INDUSTRY-University-Research Alliance;
(2) The Secretariat shall conduct preliminary examination of the application materials and submit them to the Board of Governors after approval;
(3) The Board of Directors discusses and votes on it.
Article 25 Rights enjoyed by members:
(1) the right to vote, stand for election and vote in the Alliance;
(2) Participate in activities of the Alliance and share information of the Alliance;
(3) Priority in obtaining alliance services;
(4) Priority in cooperation with other members of the Alliance;
(5) The right to criticize, suggest and supervise the work of the alliance;
(6) Voluntary participation in the alliance and freedom of withdrawal from the alliance.
Article 26 Obligations to be performed by members:
(1) Recognize and abide by the constitution of the Alliance and implement its resolutions;
(2) Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests and reputation of the Alliance;

(3) To complete the work assigned by the Alliance and take an active part in the activities organized by the Alliance;
(4) Respect the intellectual property rights of the Alliance and its members;
(5) To provide the union with the response and relevant information;
(6) Abide by other relevant regulations of the Alliance.
Article 27 The member shall participate in the activities of the industry-University-research alliance on behalf of the unit by its legal representative or its entrusted person in charge.
Article 28 If a member quits from the INDUSTRY-University-Research Alliance, he/she shall give a written notice. If a member fails to fulfill his/her obligations for one year, he/she shall be deemed to quits automatically.
Article 29 If a member seriously violates the articles of association, the council shall vote to terminate the membership of the industry-University-Research Alliance.
Article 30 Any unit that loses its membership of the University-research Alliance shall not use the logo of the alliance as a member or carry out any activities in the name of the Alliance.

Chapter V Project Management

Article 31 Members of the INDUSTRY-University-Research Alliance shall conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of project initiation, implementation and acceptance inspection, as well as the corresponding organization, management and supervision mechanism. The projects undertaken by the Alliance by the relevant state departments shall implement the corresponding plan management measures; The projects organized by the Alliance itself shall follow the project management measures of the Alliance approved by the Council.
Chapter VI Administration of Funds
Article 32 Sources of alliance funds:
(1) Donation;

(2) government financial support;
(3) income from transfer of results;
(4) income from activities and services carried out within the scope of the agreed tasks;
(5) Membership dues of the Alliance (membership dues will not be charged for the first membership, and the subsequent membership shall be determined according to the development of the Alliance);
(6) interest;
(7) Other lawful income.
Article 33 The funds of the alliance shall be used within the scope of tasks stipulated in the articles of association and shall not be allocated at will.
Article 34 The Alliance shall establish a strict financial management system. The assets management of the alliance must implement the financial management system stipulated by the state and accept the supervision of the congress of members and the financial department of the supporting unit.
Article 35 No unit or individual may encroach, privately divide or appropriate the joint assets of the alliance.
Article 36 The wages, insurance and welfare benefits of the alliance staff shall be governed by reference to the relevant provisions of the State on enterprises and public institutions.
Article 37 The alliance must accept the audit of a third party before changing the term of office or the legal representative of the supporting entity.
Article 38 The funds of the alliance shall be independent, managed and supervised by itself.

Chapter VII Termination and Liquidation

Article 39 It is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the alliance or for reasons such as division or merger

In case of dissolution, the board of Governors shall propose a motion for termination.
Article 40 The motion for termination of the alliance shall be approved by a vote of the general assembly of members.
Article 41 Before the termination of the alliance, a liquidation organization shall be established under the supervision of the council to clear up the creditor's rights and debts, and it shall accept the audit of a third party to handle the follow-up matters. During liquidation, no activities other than liquidation shall be carried out. Termination upon notification of the board meeting.

Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions

Article 42 Matters not covered in the articles of association shall be decided by the council of the Alliance.
Article 43 The Articles of Association shall come into force after discussion and approval at the establishment meeting of Liaoning Skyeye IT Intelligent Sensing Application Technology Industry-University-Research Alliance on June 30, 2001, and shall be submitted to the supervising unit for record.
Article 44 The alliance Council reserves the right to interpret the articles of association.

Liaoning Skyeye IT Intelligent sensor application Technology Industry-university-Research Alliance
June 25, 2001

Liaoning Skyeye IT Intelligent sensor application Technology Industry-university-Research Alliance
Note on the composition of the first Council

According to the relevant provisions of "Liaoning Skyeye IT Intelligent sensing Application Technology Industry-University-Research Alliance constitution", in accordance with democratic procedures, the first council composition recommendation list of the alliance was drawn up. Entrusted by the organizing committee of the conference, the composition of the first council of Liaoning Skyeye IT Intelligent Sensor Application Technology Industry-University-Research Alliance is explained as follows, for your deliberation.
I. Principles of the alliance Council
 Chairman, Vice-chairman and secretary-general

The alliance has 1 chairman, 9 vice chairmen and 1 secretary general. The chairman of the board of directors and the representative of the unit of the vice chairman of the board of directors; The secretary general shall be appointed by qualified candidates from the host units. The chairman and vice-chairmen shall be appointed from among the council members. Adopt the method of "recommendation, self-recommendation, consultation" nomination, general assembly election.
The basic requirements of the chairman and deputy chairman are:
1. Willing to perform all obligations for the Alliance;
2. The registered place of the enterprise or unit is in the northeast;
3. The scale, benefit and influence of the enterprise are leading in the same industry in northeast China; Or academic, educational and teaching achievements have unique achievements.
Governing units
The council members of the alliance shall be elected by the general assembly of members, and the elected council members shall have influence in the industry and field.
The basic conditions of governing units are as follows:
1. Join the Alliance voluntarily and fulfill all obligations consciously;
2. The registered place of the enterprise or unit is in the northeast;
3. Enterprises and units have influence in the industry and field;
4. Warm blood cares about the development of the alliance.
The preparation and recommendation of the members of the Council
According to the above principles, in accordance with democratic procedures, the combination of democracy and centralism, after a long time of deliberation and recommendation, a total of 31 candidate units for the Alliance Council were finally determined. One candidate for chairman of the board of directors was confirmed, and one secretary general was confirmed among eight candidates for vice chairman of the board of directors. .

Liaoning Skyeye IT Intelligent sensor application Technology Industry-university-Research Alliance
Election results of chairman, vice-chairman and secretary-general
(Sorted by first letter of last name)

Director: Ma Yingang
Vice Directors: Chen Changzheng, Chen Xing, Jiang Hui, Lu Shaowei, Luo Haitao, Li Yingshun, Sun Yong, Shi Zhengjin, Tong Xin, Wang Dazhi, Wang Jidong, Zhang Zhongdian
Secretary General: Yang Juan

Liaoning Skyeye IT Intelligent sensor application Technology Industry-university-Research Alliance
Council List
(In no particular order)

Serial Number Job Unit
Shenyang Skyeye IT Co., LTD
Vice director of Harbin Institute of Technology
The vice chairman is Northeastern University
Vice director unit shenyang University of Technology
Shenyang Skyeye IT Research Institute Co., LTD
Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
The vice director is Shenyang Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shenyang Kangtai Electronic Technology Co., LTD
Vice director unit shenyang Upper Wisdom Image Technology Co., LTD
Member unit: Beijing Institute of Technology
Dalian University of Technology
Shenyang Aerospace University
Board member: Shenyang Ligong University
National Energy Offshore Nuclear Power Platform Technology R&D Center
Shenyang Transformer Research Institute Co., LTD
Shenyang Chemical Research Institute Co., LTD
17 Director unit: Shenyang Zhongji Xi Aluminum Mechanical Forging Co., LTD
Shenyang Pengyuan Chenglong Management Consulting Co., LTD
Shenyang Innovation Design Service Co., LTD
Shenyang Benyin Corporate Image Design Co., LTD
21 Director unit Shenyang Xinbosheng Technology Co., LTD
Liaoning Chuangfeng Information Technology Co., LTD
23 Director unit Shenyang Hongyuan Electromagnetic Wire Co., LTD
Shenyang Shunyi Technology Co., LTD
Shenyang Ruiqu Technology Co., LTD
26 Director unit shenyang Distance Technology Co., LTD
27 Director unit Zhini Information Technology (Shenyang) Co., LTD
28 Director unit Intelligent Cloud Information Technology Co., LTD
State owned 617 Factory
Shenyang Hangke Intelligent Control Technology Co., LTD
Liaoning Focus Technology Co., LTD

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