Notice on special inspection in 2020

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(Summary description)Notice notice

Notice on special inspection in 2020

(Summary description)Notice notice

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Departments (centers) of the company:

In order to further strengthen the confidentiality management and better meet the confidentiality verification audit, the company's confidentiality leading group has decided to organize a special confidentiality inspection on the company's information equipment and storage equipment from March 5. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1、 Guiding ideology

According to the deployment and requirements of the company's confidentiality leading working group, with the premise of improving the confidentiality awareness of leading cadres and secret related personnel, by means of checking and finding problems, and for the purpose of improving the level of confidentiality, continuously promote the scientific development of confidentiality work of the whole company.

2、 Organizational leadership

The company established a special inspection leading group to organize and arrange the special inspection work. And the group is divided into two groups to carry out specific inspection work respectively.

first group

Team leader: Ma Yingang

Members: Jiang Hui, Li Tingting, Hu Xiaofan

Group 2

Group leader: Liu Zixin

Members: Shao Shuang, Li Yang, Luo Xiyao

3、 Scope of inspection

Scope of special inspection: all departments (centers) of the company

4、 Inspection contents

The contents of special inspection include: confidentiality management of information equipment (including notebook computer) and mobile storage media.

5、 Inspection method and schedule

The special inspection adopts the combination of self inspection of each department (Center) and the leading group of special confidential inspection. The specific arrangements are as follows:

Self inspection stage (March 3-march 5): all departments (centers) shall comprehensively organize and carry out self inspection work according to the requirements, conduct serious self inspection on information equipment and storage equipment, thoroughly rectify the problems found, fill in the self inspection registration form, and submit the Department self inspection report to the security office before the 5th.

During the inspection and rectification stage (March 7-march 10), the special confidential inspection team carried out inspection on all departments (centers). The departments (centers) with problems should be rectified seriously. After summarizing the self inspection materials of each department (Center), the leading group of special inspection shall write the special inspection report and report to the leading group of confidentiality work 12 days before.

6、 Job requirements

1. Strengthen leadership and make strict arrangement. The main person in charge of each department (Center) is the first person in charge, and is responsible for the special inspection on the confidentiality of information equipment and storage equipment of the Department. Strict arrangement should be made, supervision and guidance should be carried out in time to ensure the completion of inspection tasks as required.

2. Careful organization and strict inspection. Each department (Center) shall organize special personnel to strictly and carefully inspect the information equipment and storage equipment of the Department (Center) one by one according to the requirements of this inspection, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the inspection. If any significant situation is found, it must be reported to the leading group in a timely manner.

3. Serious rectification and discipline. For the problems found in the inspection, we must put forward specific rectification opinions, clarify the rectification responsibility, complete the rectification task within a time limit, and further improve the confidentiality management system and management measures of information equipment and storage equipment on the basis of self inspection and rectification, and consolidate and expand the achievements of this special inspection.

It is hereby notified.

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