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Product model




Product index

Axial suppression: ± 10%

Sensor: three dimensional acceleration sensor

Sensitivity: 57mv / g

Recording and display range: 0g ~ 9.9g

Dynamic range and error: ± 9.9g (1hz-10hz) error ± 10%

Power supply mode: single lithium battery

Endurance time: more than 99 days

Executive standard: Q / hj01-2014

Working temperature: - 35 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Protection grade: IP65

Equipment weight: 3.0kg

Shell material: cast aluminum alloy, copper, steel

Overall dimension: about 230mmx150mmx80mm



Product performance

(●Standard  ○Matching)

●Vibration acquisition  ●Integrated design  ●Data printing  ●Check midway

touch panel

●Record backup





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